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Unlimited Design and Inventory Unique&Marvelous Quality Unmatched Craftsmanship Experience. Great World Treasure Home and Gardens Decoration.

Email : info@homedecorationusa.com
TEL: 1 718 415 23 25 FAX : 1 718 567 7012

Tell a Friend URN'S & POTTERY & JAR & AMPHORA Order


Ower century Turkish Anatolian civilization imagination technique and unique style Authentic Turkish Urns-Pottery-Jar-Amphora-Inspiration and expression. Our gallery selection discovers remarkable master pieces. You can enjoy the world's most beautiful treasure many years to come and appreciate designer, architect and home business and public spaces unique decoration.
We ship to worldwide customer.

Tell a Friend MOSAIC ART & MARBLE ART Order


Discovery Renaissance of mosaic artistry artfully unforgettable master pieces,of your imagination, Zeugma mosaic world heritage and Unique artisan handcraft work,s draw,s inspiration and expression reproduction effortless art design technique unique and luxury handcraft. Inspired by old world of master piece. Mosaic art-tile art-marble and art-stone art, Please tour our gallery selection and find your favorite enjoyable world's most beautiful master treasure pieces. Appreciated designer architects in home owner business and public space unique decoration.

We ship to worldwide customer.



Discover the great as over century technique ottoman Turkish traditional and remarkable master pieces, The innovative grace full world heritage and effortless nice artistic design Unique quality luxury collections draws inspiration ornately detailed and exquisitely Turkish ottoman architecture artistry handcraft Turkish ottoman architecture handcrafts Turkish porcelain-Turkish ceramic- Turkish Marble-Turkish Tile-Turkish IZNIK Cini- Turkish Kutahya Ceramic- Porcelain. Imagination technique massive impression historic and traditional selection of master pieces. You can enjoy discovery of Turkish marvelous quality and unique style. Treasure appreciated designer in home owner, business, and public spaces luxury decorations.

We ship to worldwide customer.



Represent over centuries old artistry copper smith handcraft classic and nostalgia copper-brass-bronze-metal art. Ornately detailed and exquisitely technique copper smith handcraft and artfully master pieces you can enjoy world's most beautiful treasure appreciated designer home business.

We ship to worldwide.



Represent century luxury and marvelous quality stained glass art- crytal glasses, crystal chandelier. Innovative selection of master piece draws imagination technique and unmatched experience. Artistry handcraft master piece impress your business customer and home visitor. Select your favorite in our gallery unique and luxury quality treasure. You can enjoy many years to come appreciated arthitect designer business and public space luxury decorations.

We ship to worldwide.

Tell a Friend PAINT ART POSTER Order


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A tradition of marvelous quality handcraft, luxurious arts and gift collectibles ship and deliver to worldwide customers.

Discovery as great as inspiration & expiration; innovative styles executively designed blending old world craftsmanship with new age technological tradition and luxurious products. Home Decoration USA gallery and inventory collections has a large selection of the authentic and treasured master pieces; decorative products, extraordinary and unique for both home and garden decorations. Interior & exterior decorations; with a very authentic nostalgia atmosphere which will leave a lasting impression with your home visitors. Our professional team is expertised in inspection before you search, discover and select your purchase intent. We provide you with exceptional attention, details and quality presentation at our product gallery. Home Decoration USA portrays beautiful and elegant decorations; your favorite and most elegant handcrafted arts, blending old world techniques of your imagination and effortless most unique designs. Discover heritage and treasure. Each of the remarkable master pieces reproduced artistic ornaments drew inspiration over centuries. They are ornately detailed, executively and conveniently brought to you for your own enjoyment. Please take a tour of our gallery where some of the worlds most beautiful discovery; artisan handcrafted home garden Urns, Pottery, Jar, Amphora, mosaic art, glass mosaic tile art, marble art, porcelain art, ceramic art, copper art, decor art, stained glass art, crystal chandelier, gold trim glasses, luxury glasses. You can find more of your favorite authentic discovery and artistic handcrafts for your home garden treasure pieces.

Handcrafted art products truly magnificent and unique. Our design experts have searched the world for inspiration. Our beautiful and elegant collection of indoor and outdoor handcrafted work is now conveniently brought to you for your enjoyment. Please take a tour of our product gallery where you can see the distinctive and creative difference of our handiwork. When you find your favorite piece, it will arrive directly from us to your door so you can begin enjoying it for many years to come. Our products have been long enjoyed and appreciated in home businesses and public spaces decorations. HANDCRAFTS DECORATIVE ART LUXURIES
We provide Props and Decor exclusive line of home decor hand craft authentic art which consist of unique ,decorative items. We have an extensive inventory of blending old world craftsmanship new Design. Our products can be used to design your special occasion which includes photo shoots, movie sets and the entertainment industry. Our designer can work closely with you while you develop your ideas and successfully present your message creatively. Those chosen will be decorated. IF YOU CAN DREAM IT WE CAN CREATE IT.
Our unique and custom Products has been specifically designed for photo Shoots, Movie Sets, The Entertainment Industry, Set Decor for film , Television Studios, Theatrical Productions, Weddings, Event Decor, Props and Public Display.
We invite you to visit out showroom and explain your extraordinary look home Decor Budget vision or idea. Our expert consultant will successfully present your project and message creatively.
We once again welcome you to our website Product Gallery. We will recreate all the magic bewitching fantasy and mystery that is exclusively designed for your-smile for the special day celebration, marvelous design, quality products, excellent prices and prices and pride in exceeding each customer's highest expectations.
We design and create from classic to contemporary products which you will need to please your convenience. Therefore, we recommend that you take a tour of our gallery and show room.
Home decoration USA offer a wide selection of custom made architectural and ornament, handcrafts elegant and classic artistic products worldwide for architects, designers, home owners and most public places. We satisfy all customers with good quality, excellent service and best favorable prices. We duplicate customer ideas and create finish options to suit customer's choice and concept.
Old world handcrafts art luxuries artistic art, fully classic beautiful products for your home garden as well as your decorations project and Architectural ornament home decor worldwide presentations. Our products make historical and traditional decorative items to suit customer's conceptual ideas and specifications.
We will continue presenting our finest quality products for both residential and commercial projects for customer orders. Our professional skill, services and craftsmanship managed company strives for producing excellent works and services. We proudly present wide ranges of decorative handcraft art and out door garden accessories.
Traditional architectural beauty decoration is a profession by it self which can make your home and project much more attractive and inviting. Our company is located in New York, USA and provides worldwide services. All our traditional handcraft art products designed and manufactured under a professional management team. Our services include; exclusive hand crafted pieces as well as interior and exterior home decorations, customers own design ideas replicated and duplicated with your specifications.
We are happy to invite architects, designers, home owners businesses and friends to journey along with our luxuries expertised designs as we finish your orders with peace art fully harmonized colors, custom made to your specifications. Our selection of colors includes; antique bronze, copper, gold and patina applications. Your favorite pieces hand apply paint finish look of old century antique decorative items.
Old world classic to contemporary to new age technology is back to life and is sure to play a very pleasing role in all kinds of home and garden projects of yours to enjoy for came many years to come.
Once again thank you for your interest in our products.
Thank you for visiting home decoration USA.

New York Home Decoration

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